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Eric Baird Spiritual Care Internship (EBSCI)

Butterfield Foundation maintains people are tripartite beings composed of a spirit, a soul, and a body. Therefore, we are strong proponents of whole person healthcare, believing well-being is achieved only when each part is healthy.

Spiritual care is an area often overlooked in the healthcare field. Therefore, we have developed an internship experience for undergraduate students who are studying to be pastors, chaplains, missionaries, etc. and desire an opportunity to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations with patients from a variety of different backgrounds.

The purpose of this program is to motivate students to consider careers that serve vulnerable populations in the healthcare field.

If you are planning to become a physician, physician assistant, or nurse, you may be eligible to apply for a six week summer Christian Pre-healthcare Internship program. Through Butterfield Foundation’s partnerships with Ministries of Jesus, Hilltop Clinic, and Crossings Community Clinic, interns will be given the opportunity to serve and interact with a diverse group of patients. The purpose of this program is to motivate students to consider careers as advanced healthcare providers serving at-risk populations in Oklahoma. Ultimately, interns will enjoy clinical experiences and the opportunity to work closely with medical professionals who model Christ in caring for others in need.

I am so grateful to the Butterfield Memorial Foundation providing me this internship…This experience was inspiring and reaffirmed my desire to become a Community Health Nurse.

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