BUCO Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 80 volunteer hours in OU Community Health Alliance (OUCHA) approved clinics
  • Work in 5 out of the 15 approved OUCHA clinics
  • 25% of your total volunteer hours must be spent in at least two of the three Butterfield Clinics: Crossings Community Clinic, Ministries of Jesus, or Good Shepherd Clinic
  • You must register for the BUCO program

BUCO Small Grants

  • Registered BUCO students are eligible to apply for a grant to benefit a clinic where they volunteer
  • Grants requests can be for up to $2,000
  • Click HERE for a complete list of requirements and eligible clinics
  • Click HERE to apply for a Small Grant

Overseas Opportunity

  • Fourth year OU medical students that have completed the BUCO requirements are eligible to apply
  • Applications for the BUCO overseas missions trip will be available in September and due in November
  • 6 students will be selected each year and notified in December
  • Participants will submit a follow-up report after their experience is complete
  • Students will be required to have all necessary travel documents and immunizations prior to travel as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control
  • Participants will be sent in pairs to an overseas clinic for a two to three week experience
  • Possible locations include clinics in Honduras, Africa, India, and Haiti

Application will be open September 4 through November 1, 2019.  Decisions will be made by December 31, 2019 and all applicants will be notified.

BUCO is a program of the Butterfield Memorial Foundation, a Christian organization seeking to serve the medically vulnerable in central Oklahoma. While being a Christian is not required for participation in this program, the clinics and organizations engaged in this initiative serve the poor as an extension of their faith. By submitting this registration form, you are stating that you are comfortable with this program’s Christian faith component.