Butterfield Christian Pre-healthcare Internship

In partnership with the Consortium of Oklahoma Faith-based Universities

If you are planning to become a physician, physician assistant, or nurse, you may be eligible to apply for a six week summer Christian Pre-Healthcare Internship program.  Through Butterfield Foundation’s partnerships with Open Arms Clinic, Good Shepherd Ministries, and Crossings Community Clinic, interns will be given the opportunity to serve and interact with a diverse group of patients.The purpose of this program is to motivate students to consider careers as advanced healthcare providers serving at-risk populations in Oklahoma. Ultimately, interns will enjoy clinical experience and the opportunity to work closely with medical professionals who model Christ in caring for others in need. 

“I am so grateful to the Butterfield Memorial Foundation providing me this internship…This experience was inspiring and reaffirmed my desire to become a Community Health Nurse.” ~Summer Intern

2017 Undergraduate Summer Interns

2017 Undergraduate Summer Interns

Contact Information:

Oklahoma Baptist University
Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Oral Roberts University
  • Dr. Kenneth Weed, Dean of Science and Engineering; kweed@oru.edu
Southern Nazarene University

Other: Director: Jeff McCormack, PhD (OC) jeff.mccormack@oc.edu

Participating Ministries

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